YouTube live streaming is quite the rage in Lockdown. Now you can also document interesting aspects of your life by using an easy to use YouTube live stream software.

In the past couple of years, YouTube Live streaming has emerged as a lucrative option for viewing as well as creating content. Online gaming channels live stream popular games, resulting in a significant increase in subscribers and watch time.

Live streaming has also been used to showcase events, meetings, interviews etc. in real time. If you think you have an interesting story to tell live to the world but don’t know how, this article provides a few easy steps in which you can use YouTube live streaming software.

About YouTube Live Streaming Software – YouTube Live Stream

YouTube Live is a free live streaming software for YouTube. Users can access this service by clicking Go Live under the Upload Video option. YouTube broadcast software can be utilized as efficiently by independent youtubers as by channels of large media houses. Once you start a livestream, all your subscribers get a notification and they can join in. Since YouTube has a robust search engine, your YouTube live stream can be easily located by searching for relevant keywords.

Steps to Use YouTube Live Stream Software for Your Events

Step 1

Open the YouTube App on your mobile device or computer. Go to the creative studio tab. Under that, click on the live streaming option. This will work only when you have more than 1000 subscribers.

Step 2

Come back to the homepage. On the top right corner, you will see a camera button. Click on it. There you will have the option to Go Live.

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Step 3

Choose how you want to record this live stream. You can either go with your device camera or select encoder streaming. Your device camera might provide the ease of recording, but the audio/video quality would be poor. With encoder streaming, you can record high quality streams with different angles.

Step 4

Add your video title and privacy settings related to the livestream.

Step 5

Select Next. YouTube will automatically take a photo from your webcam and upload it as the thumbnail. You can change it later.

Step 6

Select ‘Go Live’. Once your stream ends, click End Stream. If your stream lasts less than 12 hours, the livestream would be automatically archived.

What are the Key Features of YouTube Live Streaming Software

YouTube Live stream software for Windows 10 and Mac offers a load of features, which makes it one of the best live streaming software available. Here, we list some of those features of free live streaming software for YouTube.

  • Enhanced Functionality

YouTube live stream software offers the option of adding features such as live chat where viewers can add their comments. It also provides the option of monetizing your livestream.

  • Live captions

By using YouTube live stream software, you can add live captions in English language, making your video more accessible to people across the world. This also helps people who have a hearing impairment or are watching your live stream with audio muted.

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  • Better interaction with your audience

Since YouTube live software offers the option of live chat, you can manipulate it to ask specific questions to your audience and in turn receive feedback to improve your content. Using YouTube live stream software also gives you the option of using Live chat reply feature. This feature enables you to look at conversations even after the live stream has ended.

  • Record your live streams

YouTube live streaming software for Windows 10 allows you to record your live streams. Live streams shorter than 12 hours are automatically archived.

  • Notifications and alerts

YouTube live stream software has the feature of notifying your subscribers about your live stream before it begins. The time slots for this feature are 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day etc. before the beginning of your live stream.

  • Saving Live streams as videos

YouTube broadcast software enables users to list their live stream as videos on their channel. This way the live stream can be seen even after it ended.

  • Data analysis

By using YouTube live stream software, users can check for important metrics such as view count, playback, chats received and much more. They can also track their channel growth rate from time to time.

Who All Can Benefit from YouTube Live Stream Software

YouTube live software is the perfect way for youtubers to connect with their audience and engage them. Not only can users hold interesting question and answer sessions with their subscribers but also offer them a glimpse of their life in real time.

Event Organizers

YouTube live stream software is also useful to hold events and seminars where hundreds of people are expected to participate.


YouTube live stream software is also being used for conducting official meetings or for conducting employee development programmes.

Education Sector

YouTube live streaming software is also being used in the education sector where teachers take lectures by coming live on YouTube. Students can ask their doubts in the live chat and get them solved.

What’re the Minimum YouTube Live Stream Eligibility

Eligibility to use free live streaming software for YouTube are as follows:

  1. YouTube app should be installed on your device. For android and iOS devices, YouTube comes preinstalled. In case it’s not, you can download it from the app store.
  2. You should have a Google account. This account would be used for logging in to YouTube
  3. Your account should be verified. Once you apply for verification, it can take up to 24 hours for YouTube to confirm your verification request.
  4. You must have at least 1000 subscribers to use the option of going live in YouTube live streaming software.
  5. You can record your live stream in free live streaming software for YouTube by using your PC or mobile camera. But if you want better audio and video quality, you can opt for encoders.

Interesting facts About YouTube Live Stream

  1. Is there any YouTube live stream time limit?

YouTube live stream software supports live videos up to 12 hours, after that it will not be visible to the viewers.

  1. Is it possible to re-watch YouTube live streams?

Once a YouTube live stream is over, it gets uploaded on the YouTube channel of the host just like any other normal video. You can re-watch the live stream any time you want.

  1. Who has got the maximum number of YouTube viewers till now?

Ninja holds the record of the maximum number of viewers, with the number going up to 667,000. Soon, we are going to discuss some of the unique ways to attract more viewers to your YouTube live stream. Stay tuned!