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If you’re reading this, you’re most likely struggling with your business marketing and having trouble effectively promoting your products or services to your audience. 

While a failed marketing strategy can be frustrating, it’s not necessarily a bad thing!

And, although it might not seem like it, there’s a lot of good that can come from a failed marketing strategy when you look at it as a lesson rather than a total failure.

But to help you understand why your business marketing flunked, let’s review some of the most common reasons why a business marketing strategy might fail.

No Defined Target Audience

No matter what type of business you operate, there’s a particular type of person that will be interested in your products or services.

This person is known as your ideal customer.

To explain this, suppose you ran a clothing company that sold designer dresses and skirts.

In this case, your ideal customer will most likely be women of a specific age group that are probably interested in fashion.

Therefore, knowing everything you possibly can about this “ideal customer” will give you a much better idea of your target audience and how you can better connect with them via your marketing efforts.

Without understanding your target audience, your business marketing is already likely to fall flat on its face.

Not Enough Time

Another reason why it might seem like your marketing efforts are failing is simply because you haven’t given them enough time.

It can be easy to build a website, write a few blog posts, post about it on social media within a single week, and then become disappointed when you only get a few hits on your website.

However, in business and marketing, one week is nowhere near the amount of time needed to measure the results of your efforts accurately.

Give it time!

You will need, most times, a month or more to give yourself a better idea of whether or not your efforts are having the desired effect on your target audience.

Lack Of Consistency

They say that it takes the average consumer between 5 to 7 impressions before they’ll remember your business or brand.

So, if you aren’t consistent with your logos and branding, and consumers don’t see the same logo more than once, they won’t likely remember your business, its products or services.

That’s why we recommend creating a document called a brand guide, which will outline everything from the logos you’ll use to the fonts, tone of voice, and everything else regarding your branding.

Then, you’ll be able to share this with your employees, coworkers, business partners, and anybody that helps you with your marketing.

Design custom logos and graphics here:

Learn From Your Mistakes And Move On

In the end, there are many reasons that your business marketing might not be as effective as you’d hoped.

However, the fact is that all marketing strategies, no matter how well-planned they might be, are simply well-educated guesses.

In other words, if your last marketing campaign fell flat on its face, that’s ok!

This failure gives you a starting point and a way to look back on what you’ve done to learn what not to do in the future.

Even when our marketing efforts fail, they still give us an abundance of data and information that we can use in the future to make better, more informed marketing decisions.

So instead of beating yourself up, look at your failed strategy as a lesson, see what you might be able to learn from it, and then move on, planning more effective marketing strategies for the future.

Written by Belle Leitch


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