Entrepreneurship is not new, but it is getting recognition just now. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and even Colonel Harland Sanders, the creator of KFC, started as entrepreneurs, and today everybody knows their name and businesses. Your venture into entrepreneurship can do just as good or even better; you just need passion, patience, strategy, vision, and an e-commerce strategy to succeed today.

Why e-commerce? Most businesses do better with an online presence.  So you need eCommerce sales marketing on your side and a digital marketing agency with the right tools giving life to your eCommerce growth strategies to create an e-commerce presence that lasts. All this is not for nothing. You can see results in increased growth and conversion rates almost immediately.

The only question that comes to mind is How to boost your ecommerce sales?

Here are some tips that can be used to boost your ecommerce sales.

  1.   Stop using sliders on your homepage

Sliders seem to be a popular choice among e-commerce websites because they can display multiple products & features. However, there is no proven research suggesting they improve or increase sales, but many brands have concluded that they end up confusing consumers.

  1.   Make your e-mail marketing strong

Don’t just grow your email list, but grow it with high-quality leads. It can support repeat purchases and increase conversions by helping you send out reminders about abandoned carts.

  1.   Highlight the popular

“Bandwagon” is used in a derogatory tone these days. But, an experienced digital marketing agency, a top eCommerce development company can tell you all about the importance of integrating the popular, aka the bandwagon factor into your e-commerce growth strategies. There is a reason why you’ll see “No. 1 product” or “Most recommended” on various banners and billboards; they convert to sales more easily, and they guarantee increased traffic.

  1.   Point out your best-selling plan

Research shows that people choose brands that showcase their best products. If you have 3 plans or subscription options, always remember to highlight the most popular one, commonly it is the mid-range one. People feel you’re being more transparent and more relatable.

  1.   It’s the right time to have a Facebook store

You’ll find one of the most dedicated fan base turned loyal customers on Facebook, utilize that. Written content, visual content, stories, Facebook lead ads are all known sales increase factors. Also, if you have a Shopify account, you can connect it with Facebook resulting in your fanbase getting an avenue to support you and your brand, invest in the products they like.


  1.   Concentrate on the contact information

Okay, this might seem like an obvious step, but hear me out. The simplest tactic to increase e-commerce sales is to include “detailed” contact information. This is more applicable for B2B companies because potential clients have complained about the lack of contact information resulting in them veering away from the brand. Contact information also creates a sense of trustworthiness.

  1.   Inspiring plan names

Every plan that you’re trying to promote should inspire the potential clients and instigate them to make a move. Inspire to be better or make a difference or increase sales.

  1.   Informative email campaigns

When you launch email campaigns, make sure you put across your point. The content should be interesting and informative. Discounts, coupons, welcome emails, everything has a purpose, and THAT should come across.

  1.   Pricing comes second

Being transparent is good, but pricing should not be the first thing that is visible on your website because it deters people. People should know about your product and what it can do for them first; pricing can come in when they’re sold on your product.

  1.   Offer FREE SHIPPING

Another important, often ignored, tip to increase e-commerce sales is offering FREE SHIPPING. How often have you seen popular e-commerce websites offering the same? Why do you think they do it? Also, why do they do it repeatedly? The reason is simple: because it works in increasing traffic and sales every single time.

If you ask any reputed digital marketing agency, “How to boost e-commerce sales?” one of the first and obvious responses would be to offer free shipping. If you can offer free shipping sitewide, great. If you can’t do that, you can always choose a price range above which you will offer free shipping to your customers.


  1. Live chat is your friend

Customer support is very important, and you don’t need a digital marketing agency to tell you that. Yes, they can email you, call customer service; but, live chats are more preferred today because they are instant and very easy to use.

  1. Correlation is key

Your landing page should match your ad. The color scheme, the layout, and the message, everything on your ad should smoothly translate into your landing page. Sense of alignment and the visual effect of branding can increase sales through paid ads and encourage users to sign up.

  1. Use Trust icons effectively

A basic understanding of business will tell you that building trust is a key component of increasing sales. Why? Buyer psychology dictates that. Therefore, you need to use trust signals on different levels, use trust icons at checkout, and give a clear indication of your dedication towards client security & satisfaction to increase sales. Need to portray your trust icons more effectively?

  1. Use visually impactful structure of testimonials

Testimonials increase sales by 40%, and 88% of people value these recommendations as much as in-person recommendations. But you can do better. Include pictures and identifying information about the people giving the testimonials to enhance the feeling of authenticity to improve sales further.

  1. Urgency sells

Create a sense of urgency by displaying an end date for a launch, promotion, or discount. People who want to buy your product will buy it instantly, the rest would probably never invest in the product, so don’t worry about losing them.

  1. Embrace SEO & content marketing

What sells & who buys it? Search trends and patterns can help you know this basic answer. Integrate this into your e-commerce structure and see your business improve exponentially. SEO is another proven technique to increase sales. But, you might need a little help to use the tools and the analytics in your favor.

  1. The lure of the money-back guarantee

A Money-back guarantee was used previously as a bait to lure in customers. It is still used in the same way. But, with more transparency to ensure that customers who are on the fence about spending their money on your product have some guarantee that you care about customer satisfaction and are ready to bet on your product for their benefit. It works like a charm.

  1. Create a smooth, easy, short check-out process

Humans are lazy. We do not want to spend 5 minutes on something that can be done in a minute. We want everything to be easy and fast. So, it only seems logical that removing steps from your check-out process, simplifying it, can increase sales a lot by retaining a huge number of potential buyers.

  1. Use genuine customer reviews to your advantage

Interview or send surveys to previous clients to understand why they bought your product. Also, don’t forget to ask what they like about your products. Use these insights to create a unique sales content copy, and it WILL convert into increased sales.

  1. Personalize CTA buttons

Generic call to action buttons no longer convert as much as they used to. So, choose a more personalized CTA button. Use “You,” “Your,” “Me,” “My,” to customize the CTA button, so it seems like a friendly recommendation rather than a cold command.


Anybody can boost your eCommerce sales business successful with the right attitude, tools, information, and the right support.