Social media customer services is an utmost important part of digital marketing. Some of the best digital marketing companies offer such services for your business. Having the right tools help you respond to questions, create tickets, and more, thereby acting as keys to effective and efficient social media customer services.

Social media customer service means using social channels to provide effective, efficient, and top-notch customer service and support. Customers expect brands to be available for their help on social channels and respond to them quickly with the correct solution or apt information. The basic reason to incorporate social media customer support tools into your business plan is that it keeps customers happy – which is the key point to retain your prior customers and also add on the new ones.

Here are some stats that state how incorporating social customer support increases customer confidence and loyalty:

  • According to a survey, half of the people globally believe that direct messaging a company makes them feel more connected to the brand.
  • 40% of holiday shoppers say they consider buying from a brand they can message anytime.
  • According to 57% of consumers, customer service increases brand loyalty.
  • If a brand fails to respond on time to the queries, 81% of Twitter users do not recommend the brand to anyone.

Using social media for customer service and customer support: Key tips to make it work

  • Set up a dedicated social handle for social media customers

Nowadays brands often use a separate social account to offer social media customer service solutions. Prominent digital marketing agencies offer such to their clients. A separate account helps to filter out support and service issues from your main account. It also ensures that you assign the right team to help out people, especially those who are good in communication. In this way, you can respond to customer queries faster and in a more detailed manner. A fast, effective, and detailed response that resolves issues is a sure-shot way to satisfy and retain frustrated customers.

  • Find and monitor conversations relevant to your business

Many times people post about your brand online without tagging your social account, neither the primary one nor the account made to solve queries. It is very important for you to reach out to them and take their query in action and warrant a customer service response. Digital marketing agencies offer such services where you can monitor conversations about your brand. Many big brands such as Starbucks use this kind of strategy for their social media customer service in order to retain their customers.

  • Create social media guidelines

It is very much important for brands to have social media guidelines that align with their company values and also with the social marketing team. Digital marketing companies offer social customer support with basic guidelines such as: the tone of voice should be polite and calm, each channel on social media should have a fixed response time, precise answers should be given to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), a protocol for escalations or other customer issues should be offered, and also, a message approval procedure and a permission management system should be assured.

  • Expand your idea Customer Service

Digital marketing companies also focus on other issues rather than just focusing on resolving problems and complaints. Think broadly about what qualifies as a customer service issue. How companies use social media for customer service varies widely. Anything can be inculcated in customer service, thereby making people feel more connected to your brand so that they can comfortably buy, use, and recommend your products to their near and dear ones.

  • Try a chatbot for common service requests

There are always some common questions that are asked by most of the people regarding your product or service. With the advancement of technology, chatbots are a new boon for digital marketing agencies. Chatbots are a great way to offer basic social customer service 24/7 and that too without involving your customer service team. They can provide customers with the basic information they want – and that too immediately. It is the best option to answer simple questions that a brand gets more often.


Social media customer services are an integral part of digital marketing, hence do your best to retain your beloved customers. The above-mentioned tips shall help you in accomplishing the same.