It is indeed true that making mistakes and learning by doing is the best way to move ahead and learn something new. However, it does not mean that you start committing the common mistakes that can be avoided easily.

Creating your eCommerce can be both challenging and exciting as well. In today’s time, repeating the common mistakes while building your website can cause you business issues and even cost you a hefty amount of money. An eCommerce website needs to have everything perfect.

Your website will reach the stage of perfection only after a specific time, but it is better to have a head start by avoiding common mistakes. A good website attracts it’s users and influences them to buy more. Thus, we bring you a list of the most common Shopify errors and how to resolve them. Before we move ahead, it’s essential to know that it’s still hard for startup businesses to succeed because online sales are skyrocketing. A study has proven that between 80 and 97 percent of e-commerce businesses fail.

Most Common Shopify Mistakes:

Poor choice of theme and design

As soon as we open a shopping website, we expect it to be attractive in themes and designs. The major problem enters while changing the design of our logo or altering the colors. If we modify a pre-designed website, the more changes we make, the more is the unsightly result. If your eCommerce website does not have a professional touch, it will hurt conversion rates.

For example: If we change our font in one place, the readability of the text will remain the same, but it will disturb the uniformity. The best eCommerce website development and other cities recommend any changes in the format be applied to every similar text on your website.

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Leaving settings to default

Your shopify website should be optimized as per your content and your target audience. Leaving the SEO settings and meta description to default will lead to a lower SEO score. The meta description won’t serve to let your audience know what the content or product is about. It is essential to add tags and meta descriptions for every single post so that your content is more SEO friendly and gets a better reach through organic searches.

Too many pop-ups

As soon as we open a website, too many notifications can be disturbing and negatively impact the users and intimidate them to close the website. Reports here involve the pop-ups from the email subscription, followed by a chatbox, etc. For visitors, it will be hard to make too many choices at the same time. Using small pop-ups rather than giant page consuming ones will make the users click on the offer rather than just ignoring it. Experts from an eCommerce portal designing company suggest that you can also add pop-ups relevant to your websites’ content to increase visibility.

Ignoring Shopify payment methods

Shopify allows you to use a variety of payment methods that you can offer to your potential customers. In addition to the standard procedures like credit/ debit cards and PayPal, add options like apple pay, amazon wallet, etc. This wide choice will allow your customers to choose, and they’ll be able to make the payments from any time, anywhere.

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Not optimizing for different platforms

How to avoid making the biggest mistakes with your Shopify store

When you are selling products online, it is necessary to cover all the possible platforms not to leave out any chance to promote your brand. Since various platforms have different sizes for images and the number of characters, it’s essential to optimize your images according to those dimensions. For example, the scope for Instagram square is 1080×1080 pixels, while there are no square dimensions in Facebook posts. Posting an image from face directly on Instagram may result in some parts of images getting cropped out. Similarly, if your website is not optimized to be viewed on the phone, your target audience is less likely to buy from you.

Not using analytics

When it comes to monitoring your progress, making growth plans, you can’t only rely on what you see. To have an efficient strategy, you must know the exact numbers, and Google Analytics helps you with that. However, some people ignore the analytics and choose a design and keep using it without any reforms. The digital market is always changing. Web designing and development agencies help you keep up with those trends by continually keeping track of your Google Analytics reports’ numbers. Ignoring them or not optimizing them as per your needs will be a significant setback when you are planning and strategizing.

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Having overpriced delivery

The prices on your website matter the most. If you offer an overpriced delivery, it will not show a remarkable impact on the website. Your product should be of reasonable price along with the delivery charges. According to another research from the top-tiered online marketing companyabout 95% of eCommerce shoppers say that shipping prices impact their shopping decisions. Another web designing and development agency study showed that 64% of people have claimed that the shipping prices significantly impact their choices. This clearly explains that having an overpriced delivery can influence your conversion rate.

Too many sliders

A reputed SEO company also suggests that the user experience on the landing page or your website affects the SEO score. Although landing page sliders are a popular trend these days, often they do more harm than good. Similar to giant logos, sliders can be distracting for the customers. Sliders prevent visitors from exploring more about the website, and only a small percentage will wait to read the actual content, reducing your reach and interactions by a significant number.


These are some of the most common mistakes that can occur with any new Shopify setup. Now that they are available conveniently, it is useful to avoid such errors by simply following the above steps.


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