LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking company with millions of members in more than 200 countries. Nowadays, the educated youth spends more valuable time at LinkedIn than Facebook. The company aims to create an economic opportunity for every LinkedIn member across the globe. 

It connects the world’s professionals to make them dynamic financially. LinkedIn is the best place to connect with various other professionals of the same profession for the professionals. It is one of the rapidly growing social networks. 


The popularity is gathered due to its easy access and connectivity. It facilitates the marketing for the Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer services. LinkedIn follows a standardized yet structured way of statistics involving user statistics, advertising statistics, business statistics, etc. 

LinkedIn has 700+ million members.

According to a 2019 study, LinkedIn has 660 million members. The early growth has been comparatively slower than the sudden gush after 2011. For continuous 5years, the high growth rate continued till its users tripled from 160million to 400milion. And then, in 2017, it was 500+ million. 

It was an awestruck evolution. Half of the users are active users spending more time on LinkedIn than any other networking site. Eventually, more than two new members sign up at every second. 

User stats by Gender

Even in the 20th Century, society sees more popularity of jobs among males than females. So does LinkedIn. As specific, the professional network, viz. LinkedIn gained more popularity among males than females. 

It is studied that almost 57percent of users are male whereas, 43percent users are females. It is also studied that women seem to be more specific and demanding about their job profiles. 

Most trusted social network.

LinkedIn is a social networking website like any other. However, when it comes to privacy and protection of any user’s information, it is primarily user-friendly yet safeguards a user’s privacy. 

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33 offices and 15,800 employees

LinkedIn has 33 offices across the world where 15,800 employees are working. It has offices in more than 9cities in the US. 

More than 70% of users are Non-Americans.

Even though the US is the biggest market, studies say 70% of the users consist of 163 million users from Europe, 196 million in the Asia Pacific, and 107 million from Latin America. 

LinkedIn is Language friendly too.

The access of LinkedIn in 24 different languages offers the users to admit the network more. If marketers are planning to make “local,” “global,” they should definitely take advantage of this particular feature of LinkedIn. 

Remote jobs/New stream of jobs on LinkedIn increased 2.5 times from March to October 2020

The world has seen a sea change in the job sector from March-October 2020. LinkedIn has popped up with many such unknown yet potential jobs. With the work from home and online connections, such jobs have gained popularity. 

55 million companies on LinkedIn

It is obvious to have 55 million companies on LinkedIn as it offers a brand to reach the Business to Business prospect. 

Products receive 7% more popularity and 24% more comments when added to LinkedIn Live Stream.

Any product that is associated with LinkedIn gets more likes and comments than usual posts. LinkedIn videos take it a step forward with an inspiring impression that creates a ground for the Business to follow. The video stream shows the engagement of the people watch it and their interest in the network. 

LinkedIn can take an active LinkedIn Page to 5% more page views.

Any active and interactive company page can receive 5x more views and clicks per follower. For this keeping, the updated pages are highly required. 

2021 is going to see a surge in the US market

LINKEDIN 2021 STATISTICS will create history as in 2021. It is predicted that the company shall have more than half of US marketers use LinkedIn. 

Once you comprehend how LinkedIn operates, you can gain a vision of how to use LinkedIn for social networking. Suppose you want your LinkedIn post to go viral.