Famous bloggers and so-called content creators reach thousands every day. Some of these are millions of people worldwide. That’s why they’re becoming more and more attractive as advertising partners for companies – now even for the little ones. But if you want to do influencer marketing, you need to consider the important elements. The online marketing system is a complex structure that should be communicated strategically. For example, planning must consider the reach of the influencer, the type of marketing, and the intentions of the organization.

This is how influencer marketing works

Influencer marketing is pretty simple. Also, he must first explain and show what process is involved. The first is to find influential people on behalf of the organization. This can be done by taking risks through social networks. And one can look for influential people who have a good reputation with the target group of the organization.

If the right influencer is found, or several influential collaborators are found, contact may be made. Reliable influencers are usually characterized by different events. One is that they have given their contact details in full on social media and provided a professional email address for example. Companies can use this information to reach influential people.

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Anyone who does this should consider in advance what strategy they should follow and what goals to set for cooperation. Influential people then manage to present a product or service and present their experience. In this way, many potential customers can reach and be sure of something at the same time.

The advantage of market-influenced companies is that false people who have already come up with a message rely on influencers. In contrast, they are easier to impress and more likely to rely on the brand than to make the company aware through other ads. Followers, who are ideally true fans of the influencer, buy the same clothing and products so they can be like their social media cable.

In the case of companies, it is important to choose an influential one that is appropriate and authentic to the brand. For example, a chocolate maker should work with a food blogger instead of a travel blogger to introduce a new blogger. The product can be presented and tested on blogs. In this context, it would be wise for a food blogger to create a baking recipe with new chocolate.

The USA- The Pioneer!

Influencer marketing is already used in a variety of ways in the United States. So it bears more fruit there than in other countries. Because advertising is more influential in the United States. The companies there have a greater impact on the target audience. It goes together with an effective loop. The more influence the rent for promotion, the more successful it is. And the more successful the influencers, the more appropriate they are for future promotions with companies. There are few opportunities to use influencer marketing properly.

The difference between conventional advertising

Messages with traditional themed ads are often outside the target group. This means that ads are shown, for example, to people who have no connection to the subject or product and who pursue completely different interests. But if an organization uses effective marketing to reach a specific goal, the message is guaranteed to reach the right goal. There. In advance, it is analyzed whether it matches any analyst firm and brand. If he does, then his followers are the people for whom the advertised products and services are most likely.

Also, the target group is already bound: in contrast to traditional advertising, followers are already sure about the influencer and its content. Good bloggers report on anything with honesty, truthfulness, and uniformity. If your products are presented on their channel and rated positively you can have solid benefits. Higher sales statistics can be achieved compared to other advertising mediums.

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Also, creates new images, videos, and textual content for influential organizations. Because they understand how to interact with target groups (mostly because they are a part of them). So the content is especially popular with followers. The company may later use the content on its pages. Or for its website, for example, if appropriate guidelines are created in agreement with the influential.

Industries that particularly benefit from influencer marketing

Fashion and food issues are often displayed through social media by influential people. It does not, but, deny that any organization working in any other industry considers them influential. A predefined search to meet the criteria can find the appropriate response-makers for each product.

Cooperation costs

Depending on how much the influential person charges for his services, how well known he is and how much he should cooperate on. A flat rate cannot be calculated for images or contributions. Prices can fluctuate from zero to several thousand euros depending on the popularity and performance of the influencer.

Advantages and disadvantages of influencer marketing

As with any marketing strategy, the use of influencer marketing leaves some advantages and disadvantages for any organization. Intermediation between the agency and the client is particularly convenient. Influencers reach daily with potential buyers as they build a bridge to greater success and higher returns. As such, the already mentioned high and accurate range is a great advantage for the influencers of any brand. Nowhere in marketing do you find a way to address so many people in a group with group-based goals. The success of this strategy is easy to measure. Influencer marketing can be analyzed through social media evaluation as well as public likes and comments.

The only downside is losing control of the way the product or service is being talked about. If influencers have bad experiences with companies, they publish it through their channels. And they try to properly reach out to people who shouldn’t face negative reviews of the brand. But, such an approach can be denied if influencers are treated with professionals from the beginning. And if all the necessary materials, products, and information are provided to them. An inappropriately influential selection can be as troublesome as a bad rating. For this purpose, an opinion maker should carefully examine the target group and test the professionalism of a channel.

Better content planning through influencer relations

Influencers should also be involved in content creation. When planning to produce products on an annual or monthly basis, influencers can be firmly integrated into the production plan. After all, all marketing events related to the year (product launches, trade fairs, events, promotions, etc.) should be coordinated with long-term planned influencer content. For companies, additional content can be created also to the general content layout that cannot be used only for social media channels. Some organizations blur the boundaries of their organization blog event. And sometimes use or leave their channel as an influencer.

Influencer relations and effects on profitability

The more service providers stand out between brands and influencers, the more expensive they become. Often an artist is represented by an influential organization. And the brand is involved with an influential marketing organization. Both service providers increase costs. So companies should strive for a business where there is an influential relationship between the companies. This is often not easy, because there is no point of influence in any organization. Marketing focuses on fast and measurable success. The PR department contacted reporters. Blogger and influencer relationships often don’t fit there. Sometimes it comes down to social media issues. 

Influencer Relations Strategy

After all, a unit of its own probably works based on an effective relationship strategy and follows it sustainably. Although effective communication in many companies is still in the experimental stage. It should be communicated strategically from the beginning. Otherwise, the possibility of effective communication cannot be exploited deeply, nor can effective communication become economic. Because one thing needs to be clarified: the range can be spent less through performance marketing alone. The development of the influencer relations strategy includes at least the following components: 

  • Definition of goals and target groups
  • Development of suitable subject areas for influencer communication
  • Development of a channel image for influencer communication
  • Creation of an at least temporary organizational form (internal/external)
  • Creation of scorecards for the evaluation of influencers
  • Research and addressing relevant influencers
  • Development of a KPI system in comparison with other marketing KPIs
  • Evaluation and optimization of all actions

Take a look at the behaviors of your target audience before setting the exact time of the week and days you want to post. Do they usually use social media to find out what kind of relationship you’re going to make?

Once you’ve created your social media influencer marketing plan, testing can help you find the best time to showcase your brand collaboration.