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Advertisements or ads rule the marketing world! Effective marketing depends on heterogeneous digital platforms in this age of rapid digitalisation. Numerous ads accompany our online tabs daily but, it is unknown how an ad reaches the landing page. Well, Google Ads is the magic tool that offers paid ad space and boosts functional brand awareness or brand promotion. 

Know how Google Ads work?

Step 1: Advertisers bid to secure a limited time slot for their ads on varied search engines and electronic applications.

Step 2: Videos or brief descriptions are generated of products and services with relevant optimization methods to reach the target audience.  

Step 3: Based on the pay-per-click model, leads and traffic drive the landing site and increase brand visibility when a customer taps on the running ad. 

How to choose a digital platform for brand promotion?

Take Note of These Crucial Points

Google ads are understandably the first choice for many e-commerce industries, but at the same time, people are apprehensive of the cost associated with it. So, let’s get straight into the following keynotes before knowing more about digital marketing companies:

  • Assimilate the target audience and recognise their needs and demands. 
  • Select the right platform to reach your customer/ audience faster. 
  • Evaluate the scope of digital marketing for your products or services.
  • Analyze and prepare an investment budget concerning digital marketing.
  • Choose and create suitable marketing content for the promotion on digital channels. 
  • Publish your content.
  • Evaluate effectiveness from time to time and adopt the right promotional strategies for a better outcome. 

Undoubtedly, Digital Marketing can be an expensive affair. However, the Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi helps brands to make the most on a budget that is well within their reach. Plus, this makes sure that companies use Google Ads without actually exhausting their budget with flexible planning and numerous options. 

In Google Ads, users are the decision-makers; they are free to spend flexible funds as per the different plans. It offers companies the liberty to discontinue their online campaigns once the monthly expenditure limit is satisfied. 

What are the two different Goals?

Short-term goals

Companies can plan to spend a limited amount every month on Google Ads. Instead of making a one-time investment, companies may choose to spend the exact amount daily. 

However, unlike the monthly plan, the daily budget does have a time of expiry. As soon as the daily amount is exhausted, the company’s ads no longer appear on Google. This small-term plan is known as the daily budget. It reduces any chance of overspending. 

Long-term goals:

It refers to the investment of a more significant sum for the ad campaign. Users may choose to spend it on various ad campaigns of their own accord. This planning is known as a lifetime budget. The ads are taken down once the budget is exhausted. 

How does Google charge its advertisers?

Google Ads cost depends on the viewer response received via advertisements. It charges the companies on a pay-per-click model. More clicks are equivalent to an efficient response and offer more payment to Google. 

This plan has two following aspects:

  • No clicks mean No pay for the advertisers. If advertisement viewers ‘only view’ and do not click on the ad, they need not pay Google for the ad campaign. 
  • Secondly, more clicks mean more payment. The company needs to pay Google the decided cost-per-click multiplied by the number of clicks. 

How to plan for Pay-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Click?

A pay-per-click system often leaves companies anxious about the fortune they pay on ads since the amount may exceed their initially planned budget. So, brands choose to opt for a daily budget plan or choose to take down the ads for such cases. It helps them regulate their ads and budget simultaneously. 

Another concern for advertisers is the cost-per-click. This aspect is entirely beyond the control of a company. Cost-per-click is determined as per the target keyword used by a brand. Generally, the cost-per-click differs according to the business, industry, and project. Google Ads Agency in Gurgaon enables users to use the right keywords that will boost growth for the business and, at the same time, will prove to be cost-effective. 

Deciding how much one can spend on Google Ads needs to be done after surveying ads’ effectiveness, if necessary. Spending less might proffer no clicks at all, and spending more is often money wastage. Therefore, strategic investment is a necessity to escalate traffic and brand promotion.


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