Unlike the popular belief, your website ranking in the topmost positions in the search results is not a guarantee that every visitor on it will convert into paying customers that very instant. Not more than 5% of website visitors will convert immediately. They first explore your website, check out the prices and offers, some may also add products to their cart only to abandon it and never return. It is these people who engage with your website till the end which are the most crucial ones that you should be focusing your remarketing efforts on. By retargeting, you will be displaying your products to these people to encourage them to reconsider buying the products that sit in their cart.

Here is how retargeting looks like –

  1. Potential customers visit your website, explore it, and leave without checking out the cart items.
  2. Later, when these users browse through their social network and other websites, they will see your ad for the products that they abandoned in the cart.
  3. These users then click on the ad and are redirected to your website where they end up buying the product (hopefully).

In this article, we will look at different retargeting ideas that you can employ to your website’s marketing campaigns to improve conversion rates.


10 Ideas For Your Retargeting Campaigns

Here is everything that we will cover –

  1. Retargeting Website Visitors
  2. Retargeting Subscribers
  3. Retargeting Customers
  4. Retargeting Loyal Customers
  5. Retargeting Leads
  6. Retargeting Dormants
  7. Retargeting Probable Dormants
  8. Retargeting Funnels
  9. Retargeting Video Audience
  10. Retargeting Specific URL Visits

Let’s get started!


These are those users who have visited your website, added products to the cart and abandoned it. However, they have not necessarily registered or created their account. They only explore your website and move on. By retargeting this audience set, you can remind them of your products while they continue browsing other parts of the internet like social media or some other third-party websites. You can retarget this audience to encourage them to purchase from you.


If you have managed to collect a good number of email ids via your subscription lists, you can use them to retarget your products too. Now, people giving their email ids to you does not entirely mean that they are your loyal customers, but it shows that they have a high intent of purchasing from you. Use custom lists (for eg. Facebook custom lists) to target these users. Upload their email ids, phone numbers to create custom lists.

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You can retarget your existing customers who have made just a single purchase yet. You can specifically show them ads of similar products or you can upsell the same product that they bought earlier. This is more likely to bring in more conversions as these customers will be reminded of what they purchased but have not thought of returning to your website again.


You must create a whole new list of your loyal customer base. These are the ones who are the most important for your business as they are more likely to do your word-of-mouth marketing and bring in further new customers. Retargeting these customers is especially important when you have a new product or service in the market. Because your loyal customers are the ones who purchase from you frequently, they are more likely to engage with your ads and new offerings.


If you’re dealing in high-priced products or services, then you should run lead generation ads on social media and search. The users who fill up your forms are now your leads and have successfully entered the sales funnel. You can create a separate audience list of these leads and show them specific ads and content that might encourage them to close the deal.


Dormant are those customers who have stopped visiting your website for a specific period of time. More than 50% of people in your email list and otherwise go dormant after a specified period of time (based on the niche of your business). It will make a huge difference if you allocate some remarketing budget to win these dormant back. Make sure to retarget dormant who fall in a specific time period and don’t go beyond because the further back you go in trying to remarket to dormant users, the less likely it is for you to win them back.


By name, they might sound the same. But there is a little difference. In this strategy, you retarget those customers who are on the verge of becoming dormant. Keep an eye on your audience’s behaviour using Google Analytics and remarket to those who show the sign of less engagement with every passing day. Work on retaining these customers because it will cost less than acquiring new ones.


Although it will require a marketing automation engine for scaling, it is one of the most popular strategies for retargeting customers. Based on where your potential customers are in the sales funnel, you can customise your sales pitch or brand message and convey it using the right medium. For example, if a user has visited your website and left, you can retarget them using enriching descriptions and images of your best selling products to win them back. In case he goes further down and reaches the cart, you can use remarketing to prompt them to come back and complete the unfinished transaction. If he still does not come back, you can try encouraging them with discount offers.


A powerful way to improve your conversions is by retargeting those users who have watched your video content. Videos are more likely used for people in the top funnel to increase brand awareness. Users are much more likely to engage with brands that produce video content. This is more likely to hold their attention instead of trying to hard sell to them which usually backfires as the users end up feeling annoyed. Leverage social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook to display your video content. You can then use Facebook and Youtube’s retargeting options to target based on how much video has the users watched.

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This is why it is crucial to have the tracking code (for eg. Facebook Pixel) added on all the pages of your website. This way you can remarket to those users who have visited specific pages on your website. For example, there can be some users who have visited the baby’s apparel section on your website and there can be some people who visited the women section. You can have different ad copies and targeted messages for each set based on the URL they have visited to accelerate the ROI of your campaign.


There is no guarantee in marketing. However, there are ways and methods that can help us achieve the desired results. No matter the size and type of business, retargeting as a strategy should never be ignored.

As the internet world continues to advance in every possible way, so are the retargeting options. Today, there are many online marketing tools and platforms that you can leverage for retargeting your varied audience at different positions in the sales funnel.


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